Tellermate Touch Rechargeable Battery BAT003

Tellermate Touch Rechargeable Battery BAT003

The rechargeable battery makes the Tellermate Touch portable and usable during power outages.  This battery can easily be installed in under a minute without technical expertise. The battery charges when the Tellermate Touch is plugged into the mains supply.


  • Makes the Tellermate Touch portable so the unit can be used anywhere
  • During power outages the Tellermate Touch can still be used to complete cash ups
  • High quality Lithium-ion battery with over 8 hours typical operational time
  • Battery is charged when the Tellermate Touch is plugged into the mains, so no separate charger is required
  • To save battery life, unit goes into power save mode

Technical Specifications

  • Removable, rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • Usage- over 8 hours constant use
  • Charging time – 4 hours using the power supply provided. Charges in the unit

Warranty 12 Months

Warranty Period Valid for 12 Months from date of purchase.

Warranty does not cover damage due to negligence, normal wear and tear, power supplies tampering or misuse of product.

Warranty Policy is listed under the Terms and Conditions document.

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