Counterfeit Detection Marking Pen UV020

Counterfeit Detection Marking Pen UV020

A must for any business that accept bank notes. Quick, easy and effective. Draw a line across the bank note. If no mark is visible, the Bank note is typically genuine and valid. If the bank note marking goes dark and stays dark, the note typically is “Counterfeited”.


  • Quick, easy and effective.
  • Visible identification of counterfeit bank notes.
  • Compact - size of a typical pen used in most offices.
  • Can be used on most cotton based bank notes.
  • Portable and can be used by cashiers, cash office supervisors, frontline staff and drivers to name but a few.

Technical Specifications

  • Leaves a dark mark on most counterfeit notes.
  • Leaves a yellow mark on most genuine bank notes.
  • Does not work on polymer bank notes.
  • The size of a typical writing pen.
  • Should not be left in the sun.
  • Consumable item.
  • Packed in a blister pack.

Warranty 12 Months


Not applicable.

Warranty Policy is listed under the Terms and Conditions document.

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