Heavy Duty Coin Sorter COI062

Heavy Duty Coin Sorter COI062

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The CPT Heavy Duty Coin Sorter and Value Counter is easy to use, fast and accurate counter for unsorted coins. Significantly reduces time spent on sorting, counting and batching coins. Rejects foreign coins. Display value per coin and grand total.


SKU: COI062 Categories: ,
  • Coin processing - Value count and sort mixed coins
  • Fast and efficient counting and sorting of coins
  • Robust unit suitable for medium to high volumes of coins
  • Significantly reduces time spent on counting and sorting coins
  • Provides detailed Totals off coins sorted and counted
  • Programmable stop function for batching
  • Separate old and new R5 coins
  • Large Coin hopper
  • Rejects foreign coins
  • Onboard colour display and keypad
  • Can connect to a computer and printer
  • Software easily upgradeable

Technical Specifications

  • Totals and subtotals in value and number of coins counted
  • 600 Coins per minute
  • Hopper capacity – 500 – 600 coins
  • 9 receiving containers
  • Function – Count, Batch
  • Batches coins – easily pre-set
  • Unique alloy coin sensor
  • Colour display
  • Connectivity – RS232 communication interface for Printer and PC
  • Software easily upgraded by USB stick
  • Standard currency – ZAR (can be set up for other currencies)
  • Power supply – 230 V 50Hz
  • Power Consumption – 60W
  • Ambient temperature – 10 – 40 °C
  • Packed Dimensions – 78.5 x 47 x 59
  • Packed Weight – 32.5kg
  • Warranty 12 Months

Product Brochure

Warranty 12 Months

Warranty Period Valid for 12 Months from date of purchase.

Warranty does not cover damage due to negligence, normal wear and tear, power supplies tampering or misuse of product.

Warranty Policy is listed under the Terms and Conditions document.

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