CPT 710 2 Pocket Mixed Currency Value Note Counter with 1 x CIS CPT127

CPT 710 2 Pocket Mixed Currency Value Note Counter with 1 x CIS CPT127

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This 2-pocket mixed currency value note counter comes standard with advanced counterfeit detection. A professional note counter that is suitable for high volumes. Where used with different currencies, the note counter autodetects currency counted.

The non-stop count process ensures efficient counting of bank notes.





SKU: CPT127 Categories: ,
  • Non-stop count process with reject pocket
  • Auto Detect Currency function – no need to select currency to be counted.
  • Mixed Currency Value Note Counter – Notes can be counted mixed or sorted & displays the Number & Currency Value per denomination & Grand Total.
  • Rejects counterfeit notes, soiled notes or notes of different denomination where single denomination count selected.
  • Professional Grade high volume Note Counter
  • Automatic advanced counterfeit detection ensuring peace of mind.
  • Reduces administration tasks when connected to a printer. Prints detailed receipt.
  • Improves security when connected to CCTV.
  • Easy jam removal system.
  • Quite operation.
  • Numerous Currency combinations – ZAR +.
  • Software easily upgradable (new notes etc).
  • Peace of mind with comprehensive warranty & professional back up service & support.

Technical Specifications

  • Counting speed: 900/1000 notes per minute.
  • Hopper Capacity: +- 800 notes (new notes).
  • Stacker Capacity: +- 200.
  • Reject pocket – 70 – 100.
  • Display: – Displays a breakdown per denomination/currency – Number, Value & Grand Total.
  • Count functions: Mixed Value Count, Single Denomination Count (Sort), Count.
  • Counting modes: Auto-start, Continue, Batch.
  • Counterfeit Detection: UV, MT, MG, IR, 3D & CIS.
  • Currencies: ZAR, BWP, NAM, USD, GBP, EUR.
  • Reject Pocket: counterfeit, damaged or bad quality notes reject into reject pocket.
  • Sensor: 1 x CIS (Contact Image Sensor).
  • Interface: USB & RS232 connectable.
  • Connects to printer & external display(optional)
  • Connects to CCTV system.
  • Dimensions: 440 x 415 x 435mm (W X D X H) packaged. Weight: 14.5kg/with package 16kg.

Warranty 24 Months

Warranty Period Valid for 24 Months from date of purchase.

Warranty does not cover damage due to negligence, normal wear and tear, power supplies tampering or misuse of product.

Warranty Policy is listed under the Terms and Conditions document.

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