Coin Sorter Counter COI020

Coin Sorter Counter COI020

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The CPT light duty coin sorter and value counter system is indispensable for businesses who want to sort & count coins. Displays count by denomination and grand total. Can set up batch count per coin.  Ideal to float and count cashier tills.


SKU: COI020 Categories: , Tag:
  • Significantly reduces time sorting, counting and batching coins
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy coin feed system to ensure non-stop count process
  • Reduces time preparing floats
  • Customisable batch count allows for simple float preparation process.
  • Displays value of each coin counted and Grand Total.
  • Automatic count process allows users to continue with other administrative tasks while count in process
  • Peace of mind with a 12 month warranty

Technical Specifications

  • Count speed – +- 216 coins per minute
  • Rapid sorting and counting of mixed coins
  • Counting display: 7-digit LED Display
  • Batche coins – easily pre-set
  • Add function
  • Displays total value of coins counted
  • Displays individual number of coins
  • “Report” button for count details
  • Light duty coin sorter counter – suitable for low volumes of coins only
  • Blue transparent coin receiving buckets – 80 – 250 coins per bucket
  • 12 Months carry in warranty
  • Accessories – User manual
  • Packed dimensions – 39 x 38 x 31.5 cm’s
  • Packed weight 6 kg’s

Product Brochure

Warranty 12 Months


Warranty Period Valid for 12 Months from date of purchase.

Warranty does not cover damage due to negligence, normal wear and tear, power supplies tampering or misuse of product.

Warranty Policy is listed under the Terms and Conditions document.

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