New currency issue by the South African Reserve Bank 2023

The South African Reserve Bank introduced a new currency series in March 2023. With the introduction of the new currency series,  some of the cash handling devices will require software upgrades to process the new currency series.

How will this affect our cash handling device/devices?

With the introduction of new bank notes and coins by the South African Reserve Bank, it may be necessary to update your cash counting device/devices to ensure that your devices can count the new version of bank notes and coins.

Please refer to the list in number 2 of the Q & A to confirm if your device/devices require a software and or hardware upgrade.  In some instances, device/devices may require both software and hardware upgrades to allow for the new currency series to be counted.

Does our device require a software and or hardware upgrade?

The list below indicates which device/devices require an upgrade to count the new currency series. To assist with product identification, click on the description in the table below and it will take you to the product page on our website (


SKU Description Upgrade required
Tellermate Note and Coin Counters
TIX1000 Tellermate TIX 1000 note & coin counter Software only
TIX2000 Tellermate TIX 2000 note & coin counter Software only
TIX3500 Tellermate TIX 3500 note & coin counter Software only
TIX3550 Tellermate TIX 3550 note & coin counter Software only
TMT001 Tellermate Touch note & coin counter Software only
Coin Counters and Sorters
CCS002 Bulk Coin Scale – 20 kg - Adam Software & Hardware
CCS009 Bulk Coin Scale 15kg - Kingship Software & Hardware
COI062 Coin Sorter Counter Software only
COI069 Value Coin Counter Software only
 Note Counters/Money Counters
CPT121 Single pocket value counter Software only
CPT084 1.5 Pocket Mixed Value Note Counter – Lince 600 Software only
CPT123 1.5 Pocket Mixed Currency Note Counter – Lince 700 Software only
I cannot identify my device, please assist

To assist in identifying your device/devices, please email us on and include the details below in the email with a picture of your equipment and we will be in contact with you. Alternatively complete the contact sheet provided and we will gladly assist.


Identify my Device(s)

I do not see our device/devices on the list for upgrades required

There are a number of devices that require no software or hardware upgrades to count the new currency series of bank notes and coins. The models in the list below do not require any upgrades to count or check the new notes and coins. If your devices do not appear on the list below, please refer to our list of discontinued products. These products have been discontinued due to age. 

Note Counters
CP002 FIT100 Note Counter
CP003 FIT200 Note Counter
CPT009 Royal Note Counter N900 UV
CPT010 Royal Note Counter N900 UV MG
CPT119 CPT Note Counter UV MG
Coin Counters and Sorters
COI002 CPT Coin Sorting Trays
COI020 CPT Coin Sorter & Counter
COI005 CPT Coin Counter & Batcher
COI053 CPT Heavy Duty Coin Counter & Batcher
Counterfit False Note Detection
UV031 CPT 12W UV light - Link to product on website
UV041 CPT 4W UV Light - Link to product on website
UV020 CPT Marking Pen

Discontinued models

The following models have been discontinued so software or hardware upgrades are not possible.  The main reason that upgrades are not available is as result of the age of the devices. If your device/devices is on the list below, please contact our support department on or on 0861 67 4490 and we will see how best we can assist you. 


FX series Tellermate FX models - +- 20+ years old
TX series Tellermate FX models - +- 20+ years old
TY series Tellermate TY models  - +- 20 years old
TY+ series Tellermate TY+ models - +- 15 + years old
TD model Tellermate TD model - +- 15 years old
Various Union Century Value Note Counter +- 10+ years old
What will it cost to upgrade my device/devices

The cost of the upgrade will depend on the manner in which the device will be upgraded and the make and model of the device. Prices will be provided once we have received your information.  Please refer to Q 7.

What services are offered by Cash Processing Technologies to upgrade our equipment

The following services are offered to upgrade your device/devices to accept and count the new series bank notes and coins.

  1. Deliver upgrade device – We deliver the software with instructions to your premises so you can upgrade your device/devices at your convenience.
  2. Drop-In – We will be offering a Drop-In service for customers (this service will not be available in all geographical areas). The Drop -In service allows customers between the 08h30 to 11h00 Monday to Friday to drop in and have their device upgraded while they wait. Our Drop-in service is fast and efficient and will be at a discounted rate.
  3. On Site Support – We come to you and do the upgrade at your premises (geographical restrictions apply)
How do I go about upgrading our device/devices software and or hardware?

To receive details on how to get your device/devices upgraded, please email the following information to multiple devices require upgrades, please record all serial numbers.


New Note and Coin Series Upgrade

Software only upgrade

The models that require software only upgrades, can typically be undertaken by the user at their convenience.  Our easy step by step guide provided will take you through the process. 

Software & Hardware upgrades

The devices that require software and hardware upgrades can only be done by our technicians either on site (please ask for more information on this) or in our workshop.

Is it important to provide the serial number when emailing your details

The serial number is important as it assists us in identifying your product and model and it will also ensure we provide the correct upgrade information for your device/devices.

How do I find the serial number on our device/devices

Serial numbers are made up of either numeric or alpha and numeric.  These serial numbers can typically be found at the back on the device or underneath.

Tellermate TIX and Tellermate Touch device serial numbers can be found at the back and underneath.  These serial numbers will start with 3 letters followed on by 6 numbers – FAA123456

Mixed Value Note 1.5 Pocket and single pocket Money Counters serial numbers can be found at the back of the device


Can I get more information on the new note and coin currency series?

More information on the new currency series can be obtained from the South African Reserve Bank on the following link –

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